Penguin Classics as some can maybe see on either the retail front or the penny booksellers are sometimes real cheap ont he definition of fast selling mass paperback fictions.

Yet, when Affordabblebookfinds 

was conceptualized our main focus books line was indeed Penguin Classic Books.

If you are an avid book reader and lover, as well as indeed rare and vintage collector, you defintely know the collectible value of these books nonetheless they are such greta book to read.

From kids, young adults and adults, there's the Greek, Macedonian, Alexander The Great, Plato, Aristotle, Blazac, Jane Austen, Asian, to African American Contemporary which values are indeed antoques value on the Antiquitarian Book market.

In a book translated by G.A. Williamson's, "Procopius, The Secret History" he writes; " Having difficulty written the official war history of Justinian's reign, Procopius turned round and revealed in The Secret History the other faces of the leading men and women of Byzantium in the sixth century.


On another classic, Cassius Duo by IanScott-Kilvert, the actual book cover shows a cameo of Augustus a reproduction by courtesy of the Trustees of the Bristish Museum in London, England. Hence when we decided focusing on our Penguin Classics, the intricate augmentation of these book covers or even pages were rare vintage art pieces.

On this feature image of Voltaire, Leters of England one can`just imagine buying a great frame of art piece for their wall or picture frame.

Wether your are or not an avid Penguin Classics collector, over time you should look both the collectible and emotional enrichment of these books.

Happy Reading.

Alex Esguerra

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