Rare and Hard to Find Books today are like treasure gold. This is because they are priced like the "Crown Jewels" especially as a lucrative antique books business.

When ADLE Internatiomal was founded in 1998, the first thought was offering are, hard to find and out of print books finds "Affordable" even to limited income earners.

We believe that equality of owning that special book for a book lover should be affordable regardless of one's buying power and income.

So when we launched Affordable Books Finds, we voted to slowly expand our Penguin Classics and literary collections thinking of that book lover.

Thus we encourage every book lover to give us their utmost reccomendations as we grow this collection  Thereby, when someone in the future needs to buy that specail book in our collection, they will be feel great owning that special book through a good price buy.

As the Affordable Books sga continues on our vision of affordability, we also try our best to scout for more hard to find literary fictions.