As a kid, I watch mom pull tarot cards when she was not feeling well and I wondered why. She says that she if she was was alone, she'll pull a single tarot card with a specific focus on themes like, say, expansion, transformation, or healing. 

Mom believed that   Oftentimes, people who have a hard past struggle to believe they are better than they were, which makes it easier to cycle back into the wounds and trauma. Part of the human condition allows us to become better people or to stop being victims. Let yourself heal and believe in that healing power. Blessings! 

She struggled with pain in her later life so in a way this was some form of healing she turn into,  The cards ----she believe...MEANING: Healing energy, vitality, and life-force energy are flowing through you and to you. You are a healer, and you provide healing for others, even if you’re not conscious of it. Whatever needs healing in your life is being resolved. Your so-called faults are becoming your virtues. No matter what happened in your past, the past does not need to equal the future. It’s true: the cracks can be where the light enters the soul.  

Thus one of the cards she adored was called " WOUNDED HEALER".   The wounded healer is a tradition in native cultures that asserts that some of the greatest healers are those who have gone through hardship and survived, or who have been wounded and healed.  It’s believed that these individuals can provide great solace and can instigate profound healing for others. You may have been wounded in your life, or you may have gone through challenging times, but the roots go deepest where the wind blows strongest. You are a healer in the most profound sense of the word.