A study of The Economic Social Survey’s (ESS) data on religiosity from 31 countries over an 11-year period found that the more developed a country, the more secular it was. In other words, the influence of religion is felt more strongly in countries with lower GDP, income and social welfare availability. Given that millennials are increasingly confirming that they’re “spiritual, not religious” anywhere that they can—from Tinder bios to dinner tables—could a similar correlation exist between crises and spirituality?  qouted from https://www.vice.com/en/article/z3vx9x/covid-pandemic-has-led-to-boom-in-astrology-tarot-healing-yoga-manifestation

 " A New York Times report from May highlights an increase in online horoscope consultations in the first quarter of the year, while The Lily reported that astrologers were claiming a 20 to 30 percent increase in website traffic and inquiries. Meanwhile, in India where I live, there’s been a surge in the number of people using astrology apps over the last few months. Start-ups like AstroTalk, AstroYogi, AstroBuddy and LinkAstro have indicated a growth of 10 to 30 percent each, and both AstroYogi and AstroTalk have one million downloads on Google Play store at the time of writing this piece. "  https://www.vice.com/en/article/z3vx9x/covid-pandemic-has-led-to-boom-in-astrology-tarot-healing-yoga-manifestation

The Global Tarot Cards Market size is expected to rise from USD 1.20 Billion in 2021 to USD XX Billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 3.0%. This growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for occult and esoteric products, rising income levels of consumers, and the growing number of tarot card readers worldwide.Tarot cards are a deck of 78 playing cards, divided into two groups: the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana consists of 22 trump cards that represent significant events in our lives, while the 56 minor arcana cards represent more mundane aspects of day-to-day existence. Tarot card reading is often used as a form of divination, or fortune-telling, in which the reader interprets the tarot card spread to gain insights into their future.On the basis of Type, the market is segmented into French Suited Tarot Decks, German Suited Tarot Decks, Italo-Portuguese Suited Tarot Decks, and Non-Occult Italian-Suited Tarot Decks. The French-suited tarot decks segment is expected to account for the largest market share during the forecast period. quoted from 


There are a number of ways that Tarot cards can be used in Major Arcana readings. One of the most popular is to use them as a tool for self-reflection. In this context, the cards can help you to better understand your own motivations and intentions, as well as provide guidance on how to move forward in your life. Another common use of Tarot cards in Major Arcana readings is for gaining insight into current situations or problems. 

Tarot cards for some are connected to spritual connections of the body, mind and soul.  The art the depict is another subject matter.

 The Tarot is all about direction, guidance, and inspiring you to consider and consider your life, past, present, and future. It's about developing your intuition and learning about every element of your life, including your connections with loved ones, friends, and family as well as your coworkers and business partners.